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You KNOW it’s ruffled some feathers if a national program like GMA is talking about this. This story is about a woman who revealed in a Reddit post that her cousin, a bride, sent invitations specifying a $300 per person fee to attend her bridal shower.

From Reddit: My cousin is getting married and I am expected to attend her bridal shower at the end of July. She sent me a link last week to reserve my spot at the venue. When I went to do it, it required me to pay $300. I asked her about it and she said that everyone is paying their own way. I am beyond annoyed and can’t get over how tacky that is. Is this a common or normal practice? I am in the bridal party and am expected to attend this thing, not going isn’t an option unfortunately. Also it is at a winery and I don’t drink so I’m paying for something that I will not be consuming. To say I’m beyond annoyed is an understatement. Am I justified in feeling this way?

ETA- I was planning on giving her $500 as a wedding gift, paid over $1000 already to attend her bachelorette party, and had to pay for my bridesmaid dress. I’ve already invested a lot of money into this wedding and I feel like she keeps piling on more things that I have to shell out money for and I’m sick of it. I’d also have to get a babysitter for this bridal shower because it is on a weekday (Wednesday, how random??) so my husband will be at work.

2nd ETA- I am canceling my ticket and will tell her that I can’t make it. Thank you everyone for reassuring me that my annoyance is justified!!

Another edit lol- the company emailed me back and will be refunding me!

What do YOU think?  Is it appropriate to expect family and friends to shell out that kind of money for your day?

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