Source: YouTube

13-year-olds Tony Cooper and his friend Elijah Hodge were walking home from a Dollar Tree store when they saw a driver suddenly lose control of his pickup truck and crash into a canal. Their quick action is what saved his life!   

Cooper said, “We rushed and took off our shoes and stuff,” “We literally jumped on the hood and then we took off the seat belt and then we pulled them out. I started screaming at him because he was heavy while he was in the car. We were screaming, he woke up, we helped him get out of the car and after that, he was on the hood and then we pulled him onto the grass.”

The mayor’s wife, Dorothy Borgelin, was nearby and saw the whole thing. She said “there were two kids, they were on the other side, and then they just jumped into the water. One of them went on top of the hood, and the other one was in the water, trying to pull the man out. They did an amazing job to save the man’s life.”



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