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Beyflation? Partly. Beyoncé may have been partially to blame for high inflation in Sweden last month. “Apparently her performance and global demand to see her perform in Sweden apparently added a little to it,” an economist said.

Her Renaissance Tour opened in Stockholm on May 10 and 11, sending hotel prices in and around the capital city through the roof.  The sky high prices of tickets in the U.S. and other countries drove people to want to see her in Stockholm, and fans were booking hotel rooms up to 40 miles away from the venue. That also meant more spending at restaurants and other destinations. Now you can’t squarely blame it all on Beyonce because there were other things going on, too. Anther economist said,  “Whilst Beyoncé may have caused a shock to one month’s data, she’s not the reason for inflation in Sweden that’s well above the central bank’s target.”


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