Source: YouTube

Connor in Alabama is probably going to be the talk of the office for awhile after his shenanigans at the office New Year’s party! At some point in the evening he got himself stuck in a DECORATIVE URN.  Basically, a big planter with no plant in it.

He thought it would be funny to but then he couldn’t get out.  And a bartender at the party live-tweeted the whole thing. It was funny at first, but then he got stressed out as the crowd told him “you can do it!” One lady said, “That’s going to be an HR issue honey,” as he yelled “I am doing everything I can!”

The second video shows someone chiseling him out with a hammer and apparently he was then walking around the party pantsless for a while.  But he found pants at some point because there’s a photo of Connor posing with the broken urn with pants on. . . along with a fresh drink in his hand.

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