Lies have consequences. In the case of Anthony Kiedis, a fib altered his life for the better.

Speaking with As It Lays on YouTube, the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman tells the story of how he met those who would become his future bandmates after he was less than honest with high school administrators.

Kiedis gave a false address in order to attend University High in West Los Angeles. When it turned out he was ineligible, he was sent to Fairfax High School, “against my will”.

“Which seems like a calamity but that’s where I met the friends I would actually live my life with, forever – the Fleas, the Hillel Slovaks, the Jack Irons, etc. So it was a cruel twist of fate that actually opened up my entire life to be what it is today,” admits Kiedis.

Is there a case for lying? When has a lie saved you from trouble?

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