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Adele has been open about not being a fan of touring, which is part of what led to her to do a Las Vegas residency. But she told the audience at Caesar’s Palace on Saturday night that the show helped her “fall back in love with performing live again,” and opened to to the idea of hitting the road again. Just not anytime soon.


“I just don’t think I’m gonna write an album for quite some time,” Adele said. “But next time I do, I’ll come to wherever it is you live.” She talked in December at a show about her fear of touring: “I love making music,” “But there is something about performing live that actually terrifies me and fills me with dread. That is why I am not a big touring artist. I did it last time to prove I could do it. But this experience of being in a room this size, I think I might be a live artist for the rest of my life.”

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