8 Tips For Getting Hotel Perks Without Paying A Ton
Big hotel

Hotel perks are not just for those who frequently book. You can get freebies and discounts with just a little extra effort, like booking directly with the hotel to save on reservation fees and receive added bonuses.

Compare with other third-party booking sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal, then tell the hotel you’re celebrating for free bottles of champagne, upgrades, free breakfast, and more.

Join the hotel loyalty program for added bonuses and a discount on rooms. Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for an upgrade and do your research.

Things like a hotel concierge, specials on excursions, specials on hotels that are close to airports like late check-out and early check-ins, and just being nice while booking can go a long way to getting the perks you want.

What is the best perk you received while traveling?

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