Viral Tik Toker Updates Followers On Her Quest To Find “Cute Coffee Shop Boy”

A year ago, a woman named Sophie based in Scotland got on Tik Tok to ask followers to help her find the “cute guy who always comes into the coffee shop she works in.  She shared about it under her account @YungOatMilk…she said  she wanted to “shoot her shot” by making the guy a complimentary coffee and using her barista skills to write a decorative “ur cute” with milk on top of it. The video ends with the clip of the customer looking pleased with his surprise and taking a photo of it, Sophie then leaves audiences with a note that she’ll keep them updated.


@yungoatmilk A year of love and coffee 🫶🏼 thank you guys🥹🥹 #fyp #foryou #viral #london #edinburgh #coffeeshoplovestory #fyfyfy ♬ Pluto Understand – sugacurry

It was seen more than 250,000 times and liked by more than 32,000 users. A year later…she’s finally updating everyone that yes…they have been dating for a year!

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