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Well…it wasn’t “perfect”…but it’s memorable!

This adorable moment for a couple at Ed Sheeran’s Kansas City concert where Ed revealed the gender of their baby on stage (his first time doing that) was actually WRONG. But it wasn’t Ed’s fault.

A local news station caught up with the couple to ask about the experience, and that’s when they explained what went wrong. Erica Garcia Gomez, the mom-to-be, said, “We had a family friend look at the chart so everybody was surprised, and they misread it and they read MY gender, not the baby’s gender. “  So it was written wrong for Ed.  “We just want to say thank you, Ed Sheeran, for doing this for us and making it a memorable night and later on we will laugh about it for saying it was a girl, but it really is a boy.” In fact, the song that Sheeran paused for the reveal, ‘Perfect,’ was their wedding song.

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