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The world fell in love with the Cinderella story of former NFL lineman Michael Oher, whose life inspired the movie The Blind Side. But now Oher says he was blindsided to find out in February of this year that he wasn’t actually adopted by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Oher filed a petition in Tennessee probate court alleging that just after he turned 18, the Tuohy family tricked him into signing a conservatorship agreement that doesn’t actually make him a part of their family. He says the Tuoys then used that conservatorship to make deals on his story and leave him out of the profits from the book and the subsequent 2009 movie, in which Sandra Bullock won an Oscar portraying Leigh Ann.

Sean Tuohy responded last night that he finds Oher’s allegations “insulting” and insists the family only made about $14,000 each from the movie, including Oher. “I will say it’s upsetting that people would think I would want to make money off any of my children,” Sean said, adding that he would “of course” end the conservatorship if that’s what Oher wants.


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