School Bus Driver Befriends A Kindergartner And Turns His Behavior Around

A kindergartner having behavioral issues almost daily turned it all around thanks to one very special and unique friendship.

Kameron is Mr. Charles’ second pickup and drop-off in the mornings and afternoons on his school bus out of over 70 of his students in South Carolina. He had been struggling with behavior issues and was in trouble a lot…getting sent to the principal almost daily. Mr. Charles noticed this and made Kameron a deal…for every day you don’t get in trouble, I’ll have a prize for you Friday.

Well…that made ALL the difference. His teachers say they’ve never seen such a 180 degree turn in a kid’s behavior from this kind of interaction. His mom said the same thing…it’s been life-changing for them all. And now Mr. Charles and Kameron are besties…they have ice cream dates and he comes to watch Kameron’s baseball games.


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