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“Thanks mom!” LOLOL

This sounds so JLaw.  In her new movie No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence answers a Craigslist ad to date this couple’s son. Turns out, she’s got a bit of Craigslist story too!

“Years ago, Lee Eisenberg (writing partner of the director of No Hard Feelings, Gene Stupnitsky) bought a toilet on Craigslist from my mom. My toilet,” So why was Lawrence’s mother, Karen, selling a toilet on Craigslist? “I don’t know,” says Lawrence. “I’m like, ‘I broke it.’ My mom sold it for me.” “So thanks, Mom.” 

Another fun fact…the movie is based on a real Craigslist ad, and the director wrote the movie with Jennifer in mind for the part.

No Hard Feelings is in theaters tomorrow.

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