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Grandma Droniak is 93 and has quite the following in Tik Tok…nearly 10 million followers. We featured her other viral video where she was getting ready for her first date in many years.  She’s done several of those …even went out with an ex and dumped him. He didn’t change. She’s pitching cosmetics with partnerships from brands…full on INFLUENCER at 93.


@grandma_droniak no one makes fun of my bags. bye bye george and bye bye under eye bags. thanks @IT Cosmetics for slaying #itcosmeticspartner #grwm #exboyfriend #byebyeundereyebags ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

She did a video picking out her funeral outfit…and now she’s got some demands! Bertha better get out…and her ex, George, too!!


@grandma_droniak Replying to @Marmar ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere she says it’s not her time and she’s going to “slay all day” 🤣

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