Source: YouTube

Harry Styles stopped his concert to let a pregnant woman “take a wee”. The mom-to-be, Sian, first caught his attention from the crowd when she asked for help naming her baby from her list of four names. But before he gave her his choice, she admitted that she needed a bathroom break.  He obliged.  “I think we all agree that it’s important that Sian goes for a wee, don’t we?” “I’m going to do this for one time. If you go for a wee, I’m going to stall.”

So Styles used that time to chit chat with the crowd and read more signs. Then when Sian came back, he started chanting, “Here she comes, here she comes.” So did Harry ever help her pick a name?  Yep and the crowd did too! The choices were Stevie, Rafe, Harley and Caleb and the crowd seemed to favor Stevie.

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