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There was a bright spot that came out of a devastating house fire in Illinois.  The family said the home is a total loss, but because of the help of their neighbors and the fire department, some of their most sentimental and valuable belongings were saved, along with a very special dress.

Grace Farrell was home with her friend and grandpa just before midnight as her parents were out of town, and within minutes, their home went up in flames.  Thanks to the quick work from fire crews, everyone made it out safely. As Grace watched them finally put out the fire, she realized what was inside: her retainer and a dress for the Taylor Swift concert she was set to attend the next day.

Firefighters Brian Adcock and Jake Smith went back into her room…the fire was on the other side of the wall…and they grabbed the dress! 

Grace’s mom said, “That is unbelievable for that man to do that, to understand a 17-year-old and the importance of what they feel and how excited they get.”  Cheryl and her husband were overwhelmed to come home and find their neighbors salvaging all the sentimental items from their home, like photos, checkbooks and sports memorabilia. They were able to save most from getting harmed!

And yes, Grace said the concert was everything she hoped for.

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