Expert Reveal The Tricks To Scoring The Best Seats At Shows

An expert in the world of ticket to the hottest events is spilling some hot tips to getting the best seats at the best shows.  Music journalist Georgie Rogers the first step is teaming up with friends and family to all try getting tickets.

As for the best method, using tablets tend to work best since they connect quickest to the internet, and know the layout of the venue so you know what seats to go for. Just make sure your team of ticket buyers aren’t all sharing the same Wi-Fi network because that will slow it down.

53 percent of people surveyed say they have missed out on getting tickets due to being stuck in an online queue. For every three attempts to buy tickets for a live event online, most said they got tickets to two of them. When trying to secure the goods, 32 percent set up different devices and log in 12 minutes before the queue opens.


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