A Kentucky company is offering slippers and stuffed animals that look just like your cat or dog.

Cuddle Clones customized slippers cost $199 and are 100% handmade.

They take 8 weeks to arrive at your doorstop, however you can pay an additional fee for rush orders. They also offer handmade plush versions of your pet that are IDENTICAL to your pet, golf club covers, Christmas stockings and more.

It was started by Jennifer Williams who got the idea in 2005 while napping next to her Great Dane, Rufus. It became a bonafide business when she enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Louisville in August of 2009 and meets eventual Co-Founder, Adam Greene. They hit it off during an after class karaoke hangout and decided to become business partners, launching the next year.

They also give back every month by donating to an animal-wellness organization, a pet shelter and an individual pet in need that are featured on the website.


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